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Engagement Makeup Looks

1. Simple Makeup Look

The look isn’t as simple as the name suggests. It involves using lighter shades to let your outfit do the talking. If you put up extremely bright makeup with a bright dress, you might look a bit odd. So with a heavy dress, try keeping it sober, especially if you want all attention on your outfit.

2. Smoky Eyes Engagement Makeup

Smoky eyes have been trending since quite some time now. Actresses like Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra brought the look into limelight and this one is the most preferred looks now. It goes with almost every occasion and every dress.
5.Engagement Makeup Using Highlights

For people who have clearly defined sharp features, using a lot of contouring would not be advised as that would simply make it more visible and may not look too appealing. So what you can do is go for a highlight look that highlights other parts of your face and evens out the sharpness of other features.
4.Contoured Makeup

Nude Effect Engagement Makeup

Nude effect is a makeup trend that’s fast catching up these days. This is a major makeup preference in the West due to the white gowns. It stabilizes the entire look and makes a bride look elegant and classy. So if you’re planning on wearing a light coloured dress for your engagement, this is a look you can definitely consider.

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